Clive Guiver

The Power of Dreaming


Every night when we sleep we receive messages from our subconsciousness to our consciousness, but rarely do we explore this valuable gift of insight to its full potential.

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Dreaming more than just a state of sleep; is a gateway to the profound layers of consciousness and imagination within ourselves.

Through a harmonious blend of yoga, meditation, initiation, and ceremony, Medium & Dream Therapist Bitte Nilsson together with Yoga Teacher & Healer Clive Guiver will lead you on a journey exploring the mysterious realm of dreams.

You will discover essential techniques to unlock the hidden meanings and symbols within your dreams, gain invaluable insights into the messages they hold and uncover practical tools for harnessing the power of your dreams to transform your waking life.

This workshop offers a unique opportunity to connect with your inner self and unlock the wisdom that lies within your dreams.

Reserve your place today and embark on an inspiring journey of self-discovery through the power and wisdom of your dreams.

  • Date: Upcoming
  • Studio: Altromondo, Grev Turegatan
  • Information: Fika and dream tea included.
  • Teacher: Clive Guiver, & Bitte
  • Language: English
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